Sunday, 23 September 2012

Links and Tweets

A whole lot of links.  Many of these I posted on twitter, but they could do with being categorised and indexed.

UK as potential tax haven: Mail

"Putinism has both systemic and structural characteristics, but it is also a system of personal rule."

Free Northerner - the collapse: brief look at forms of collapse

Wealth and trustworthiness -

Kevin Drum - trustworthiness as key employee characteristic

Helen Rittlemeyer - Smash the Meritocracy

Definition of old democracy - Jeffery Hart 1973 via Helen Rittlemeyer

Inter-service rivalry in The Empire

Problems in the courts

One of the normally most open-minded and cautious of liberal writers decides that free speech must just be an absolute good for no reason at all

Long article on "Liberal arts"  - mostly drivel but what struck me was the line :
 Everyone who has ever worked on a newspaper knows that what one learns in four years in journalism school can be acquired in less than two months working on a newspaper. But as journalism schools spread, it slowly became necessary to go through one in order to get a job on a large metropolitan daily. Going to “journ” school became a form of pledging the fraternity.

A tweet: @umairh @Phillip_Blond In Netherlands, CW [Conventional Wisdom] is that landowners hated serfdom; 19th-C serfs had good deal (rents flat for 200+ yrs)

Discussion of monarchy and aristocracy  links I think to the "Egalitarian Monarchism" Medaille idea I blogged about in 2010
Lots on aristocracy - I've emphasised absolute centralised monarchy, but recent posts have seen the idea of aristocracy forcing its way in, so I can't ignore on that basis. Good links in there.

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